Cloud 9

Published on 27 December 2022 at 18:00

Spending a day on a floating beach club.

I'm happiest when around the ocean, so spending ta summer's day on a floating pontoon is an obvious choice. "Bula!" and welcome to Cloud 9 - a party-vibe floating beach club.
The day excursion ticket includes return transport from your Denarau hotel, a food/beverage voucher, and the promise of an awesome day.
We spent the day on Cloud 9 many years ago, so were excited to be heading back. Back then, we boarded a high-speed boat, which shot you out to the pontoon. Today, Cloud 9 have their own much larger vessel, called Maximum.  It's a slower but far more comfortable trip.
We boarded, and were welcomed by smiling, friendly crew and were offered a cheeky espresso. I really enjoyed staring across the calm waters, sipping my coffee as we headed out to sea.  It takes roughly an hour of cruising to reach Cloud 9, which is anchored off the Mamanuca Islands, many of which you pass along the way.
In the distance, I could finally see Cloud 9, and I must admit the group got pretty excited. We all lined up, ready to "run" to snag a good spot for the day. There are two levels. Downstairs is the bar, and it's also where you can grab your lunch (the woodfired pizzas are amazing). There are several seating options and day beds expand over the ocean. Upstairs has sun chairs and covered day beds. There is plenty of shade and a washroom.

Tony and I found a great spot and used our vouchers to share a pizza and a bottle of prosecco. We spent the day chilling out, listening to music, chatting to everyone, had a few drinks, and jumped off the pontoon into the crystal-clear warm Fijiian ocean (I even braved leaping from the top deck). We did try some snorkeling, but whilst there is lots of white sand and sea grass beneath the waves, it's not the typical tropical reef experience meaning the fish are quite sparse. So, set your expectations accordingly. We did see a large sea turtle cruising through the sea grass which was quite spectacular.
I loved the day so much that after expressing my sadness to leave on the early afternoon boat, the manager, Ash, invited us to stay on for the rest of the afternoon to take the later boat home. The hospitality was incredible. We spent the rest of the afternoon meeting a new group, sipping bubbles and swimming, and we were fortunate to see a Fijiian Sunset once we did finally depart from Cloud 9. The boat ride back to Denarau on the Maximum is best explained as a party, as the bar onboard is open, the music is turned up and the fairy lights provide a great atmosphere as you enjoy the ride home.
If you are looking for a fun adult's day out, that has a great party vibe, and memorable views from a pontoon in the middle of the ocean, then check out Cloud 9.

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