In 2019 my sister and I met for a short break in Thailand. We visited Phuket and the popular island of Koh Phi Phi. Prior to this trip, my interest in travel had only expanded across European countries. To my surprise, I fell head over heels in love with Thailand. 

The friendly, soft spoken, calm nature, yet cheeky and naughty (meaning some of the more exotic night life offerings) personalities of the Thai people captured my heart. I loved the sunny days, crystal clear waters, soft sandy beaches and wandering through ancient temples learning more about the culture. Not to mention the incredible food, shopping, massages and the affordability. 

Returning home a week later, I quickly sold Tony on the reasons why we needed to cancel our Hawaiian trip. I wanted to show Tony Thailand! It quickly became the only country I desperately wanted to explore. After agreeing, we booked our annual holiday for 2020, which became 2021, then 2022. I was getting anxious and frustrated. I kept saying, "I want to quit my job and just go." Which, quite honestly freaked Tony out, just a bit. 

Tony always plans for our future, and I plan for the now, so together, we compromised and agreed on the idea of a three-month career break. We've never explored this option before and were keen to sound out our employers to see if they would support our proposal.  Biting the bullet, we put through a business case as to why this could benefit us as a couple, as individuals, and what a returned well-rested and refocused traveller/employee could offer our employers. To our surprise, we both got approvals to take the break. A dream is about to come true!  So, join us and follow our 12-week adventure through Thailand.

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