C1 Espresso

Published on 21 May 2023 at 18:00

A unique, quirky, and fun café

We heard about a unique, quirky, and fun café where your food is delivered by pneumatic tubes, we had to check this out! 

C1 espresso is in the old High Street post shop building in Christchurch city.  This café is renowned for its incredible coffee (they source the highest-grade coffee beans from across the globe), scrumptious food, and novel way to deliver your order to your table using the original tubing system that was used to deliver post around the building. We decided to pop down for a lazy Sunday brunch, and the café was buzzing.  Always a good sign! 

We enjoyed our cuppa of choice whilst deciding on what to eat and watching the metal canisters whizzing around the tubing system on the ceiling.  We could not pass on the opportunity to have our meal delivered by tube so opted for the lunch menu as only certain items can be delivered via tube.  Sorry, soup is not an option.  We decided on the hot dog and fries, and we waited patiently for our delivery.

Tip: They also have great cabinet food and non-tube menu options (which may include soup), which are often faster to prepare and serve than the tube delivery system.  As we were already quite peckish, we started with a pork and apple sausage scroll from the cabinet, which was delicious. 

The wait staff gave us a heads up when our tube delivery was imminent and which tube it would come through.  The first aptitude test is trying to open the tube to retrieve your canister.  The second is figuring out how to open the canister itself.   We spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out how to open it, then had to hail a waiter.

Tip: You need to grab each end of the tube and twist in opposite directions.  Voila!

Once opened, we enjoyed the best crinkle cut fries and our hot dog.

The unique venue experience, and the tasty food/drinks make this café worth a visit.

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