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Published on 28 May 2023 at 18:00

Have you ever thought of pairing hot dogs and champagne?

“If life brings you troubles, drink some champagne, then your problems will just become bubbles” - Lily Bollinger

We try to schedule a date night together at least once a month as it’s a fun way to explore the many new places that are constantly popping up in our revitalised city.  We had heard good things about Mr Wolf so made it our spot for Saturday night.  We were in for a real treat with this bougee champagne bar.

We were welcomed into the intimate bar by smiling staff and an inviting space that is lit sparsely to accentuate the neon lights, with comfy lounge chairs, which is where we chose to sit.  There are a few tables on the street front if you are looking for an outdoor space.  There is also a larger separated space at the back of the venue, which we have noted if we are ever wanting to host a private function.

The drinks menu was extensive with a solid list of outstanding champagnes from around the French region itself. If you do happen to have $1800 weighing down your purse, you can treat yourself and your friends to the most expensive magnum of champagne on the menu (and potentially the whole of the South Island).  It seemed unbelievable to us to think that someone would take up this offer but, the more we thought about it, it could be a great way to entice movie stars and pop icons to visit this venue when they stop off in Christchurch as part of their next world tour. "Cuz 'das juz how I roll..."

No self-respecting drinks menu in Christchurch is complete without having a selection of cocktails and Mr Wolf raises the bar with a blackboard for the cocktail of the day!  Ours was an Elderflower Spritz with Sparkling Rose, Elderflower Liqueur, and a touch of lemonade served in stemless champagne flutes.  Ooh la la!

The food menu was unique in that the heroes are gourmet hot dogs, and if that was not fancy enough it also included a selection of caviars.  We started our experience with the Blooming Onion, which was incredible.  It’s a whole onion segmented into a “flower”, coated, fried, and paired with salsa verde and a spicy cheese fondue.  Yum! 

We then moved onto the main affair.  A selection of Dirty Dogs! I had the Parma-doodle dog (think Chicken Parmigiana on a roll) and Tony had the Pampered Pooch dog which had an Angus beef sausage as it’s highlight.  Both were scrumptious and left us wanting to go back to try other options.  I noticed that there are vegan and gluten free options on the menu including swapping out the sausages for vegan homemade versions if you prefer. 

We really enjoyed our afternoon and will be back to try some of their other menu options. They updated the “dog of the week” on the blackboard while we were there, so Saturday must be the start of a new dog adventure.  If you are looking for something different for a date night, Mr Wolf is a quaint venue where you can treat yourself caviar, gourmet hot dogs, and fine champers.  Now isn’t that something to add onto your bucket list?

Mr Wolf thinks it’s time you try it.

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