Little High Eatery

Published on 4 June 2023 at 18:00

A foodie’s food court

I am a foodie who finds it difficult to choose which cuisine I want, and then to choose something off one menu.  I was super excited when I first heard of Little High Eatery because it’s a unique concept of restaurant dining where you have nine restaurants all under one roof, with a range of international food options.  It is a modern, local, and family-run market. It’s a foodie’s food court! 

You enter a warm lit area offering an array of seating options inside and out.  The eatery attracts a buzzing vibe during summer and winter.  If you like the idea of reading menus and choosing a meal based on what you feel like vs all having to agree on a cuisine, then this is the spot for you. They have pizza, sushi, Thai, Chinese, Latin, and a range of kiwi comfort foods.  Yippee I now have options!

My favourite is Eight Grains as they have the best Asian dumplings in Christchurch (in my opinion).  The Thai Street Kitchen’s authentic dishes and mega-burgers from Bacon Brothers come in a close second. 

Little high is also fully licenced so you can enjoy a beverage with your meal, and they have a happy hour from 4-6 each day.

(Tip - remember to pay for your parking).

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